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Wire Fencing Guys offers wire fencing at affordable market prices. All the services that are provided to the customers are as per the schedule and the Wire Fencing Guys does not ask for any payment before the wire fencing project is completed. The Wire Fencing Guys is dedicated to offer wire fencing at cheap prices.


Our profile

Wire Fencing Guys have been in operation for over two decades and is still locally owned and operated. With a large number of customers who have been satisfied by our services and they keep coming back to us for their wire fencing needs. What has made us be relevant in the business is quality work at a fair price. This commitment holds true even today and is the backbone of the Wire Fencing Guys.


Best technicians

Wire Fencing Guys boosts of highly qualified technicians who are dedicated to serve the customers and provide them with the best solutions to all of their wire fencing needs. The experts at Wire Fencing Guys are not part-time or weekend workers but they are always there to give you full service, full time.

If you are looking for service providers to offload your wire fencing problems, contact Wire Fencing Guys on 888-250-5558 and we will be glad to serve you.

Typical services

The Wire Fencing Guys offer the following services to the customers:

Decorative wire fencing; Wire Fencing Guys is able to customize the fence line by designing and manufacturing a wide variety of decorative wire metal fencing styles. Fencing enhancements for decorative fencing can be cut from steel or plastic plates into the shape of motifs, logos or any unique design that the customer needs. The type of finishing done by Wire Fencing Guys is as per the requirement of the client and can be any color. The dimensions for the decorative fencing are unique to each individual design and the experts at Wire Fencing Guys ensure that they are in line with manufacturing and safety parameters.

Chain wire fencing; the chain wire’s range of standard specifications options makes it an option for many applications such as factory enclosures, building site enclosures, tennis court fencing, internal factory partitions, cricket nets and also it is ideal for temporary protective fencing. Wire Fencing Guys provides the customers with efficient and economical fencing solutions around the many possible range of sites and properties. The chain wire fence comprises the following components: Chain wire rolls, pipe and posts, fencing wire, gates and fittings. The chain wire fencing done by Wire Fencing Guys is standard and the materials used last for long and therefore give the customers longer service.

Disadvantages of wire fencing

Despite the advantages of wire fencing there are some disadvantages that accompany wire fencing. The most common problem that wire fences encounter is the rusting of the posts and sometimes even the woven wire. Rusting happens when the installation was done incorrectly and failure to apply a pre-coating to the steel posts. The other problem is that wire fencing is not sound proof and therefore does not block noise.

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