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Wire Fencing Guys provides the customers with comprehensive wire fences installation for barbed wire. The wire fences are used to construct inexpensive fences and also used atop walls surrounding secured property.

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Since the introduction of the Wire Fencing Guys we have been providing various technical personnel, advanced technologies and management experience. The Wire Fencing Guys has a full set of machining equipment, experienced technical staff and accumulated production experience. The Wire Fencing Guys have progressively modified and optimized our existing production equipment and cultivated a group of professional skilled workers over time. We strive to make our wire fencing products more and more competitive.

Dedicated staff

Wire Fencing Guys has a committed staff that is always there to help the customers when it comes to matters concerning wire fences. The customer service is welcoming and answers the questions properly. The installation technicians are honest, well equipped and hardworking; they always complete the installation project as per schedule and leave the site when they clear all the debris.

To get a professional quotation please call Wire Fencing Guys on 888-250-5558 and we will be more than happy to help. You can also get in touch with the leading service providers in the industry by calling Wire Fencing Guys on 888-250-5558. Book a personal consultation today by dialing 888-250-5558.

Types of wire fences

Barbed wire; it is a type of fencing that have sharp edges arranged at intervals along the strands. It is commonly used for construction fences, also used as walls surrounding secured property and for security and protection in homes. The barbed wire at Wire Fencing Guys is made from high quality low carbon steel, galvanized wire and PVC wire. The barbered wire has three types of twist namely single twist, double twist and traditional twist. It mostly packed in wood decking or wooden box.

Razor wire; this refers to the mesh that is used to prevent passage of humans and animals and it is usually sharper than the barbed wire. The razor wire is used to inflict serious cuts on anyone or anything that attempts to climb the fence. At Wire Fencing Guys there is a wide spectrum of razor wire fencing products which include coil and flat razor fence, cross concertina wire, welded and straight razor. There are also different kinds of blade types at Wire Fencing Guys and also razor wire packages are all offered.

The other type is chain link fence which is normally used with the barbed wire or razor wire in the top for security in house or a commercial building side. The chain link fence materials at Wire Fencing Guys can be galvanized wire, black vinyl wire and PVC wire. At Wire Fencing Guys you will also find chain link parts as well.


At the workshop, Wire Fencing Guys have high quality barbered wire machine, razor wire machine and chain link machine which all used for their respective wire fencing purposes. There is also computer technology control which ensures that the barbed wire specification is suitable for international standard. At Wire Fencing Guys the production process is completely digitized for precision and quality wire fencing products.

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